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"John is one of my most technical instructors. He knows
the intricacies of the 10th Planet System like a true master."



10th Planet Jiu Jitsu was created by Eddie Bravo under the tutelage of Jean Jacques Machado. It is a unique style of no gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which was made to work both inside the cage and on the sporting mats. The intentionality behind the creation was to have an unorthodox style which could keep an opponent under constant control and in the threat of danger. The 10th Planet system was put to the test in Abu Dhabi 2003, and it succeeded masterfully by facilitating Eddie Bravo's victory over long time reigning champion Royler Gracie. Immediately following that victory, Eddie opened his own school to further the system.


What separates 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu from other styles is its innovation and evolution. Some of the moves, like the Rubber Guard, the Twister, and the Lock-Down have taken the Jiu Jitsu community by storm because of their originality and effectiveness. The moves mentioned here are so different that opponents do not know how to react to them and they leave the practitioner in a unique position to execute with little to no defense from their opponent. Moreover, the beauty of the system does not stop there: Eddie and his students are constantly inventing new moves and counters to old moves in order to keep the style relevant and functioning. So, where other systems cease to grow, 10th Planet finds itself in a situation where its entire focus is to continue its own growth.

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