"When I started training with John Botello, I was 37 years old, had never wrestled or trained in martial arts and hadn't even worked out in years. I loved watching MMA and, in particular, really enjoyed the submissions and grappling aspect of it. I had heard Joe Rogan talk about the Rubber Guard for years watching the UFC, but to be able to train under Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet system right here in Phoenix has been a dream come true. I am more flexible than I ever thought I'd be and I just can't learn enough about this system of no-gi jiu jitsu. John is a phenomenal instructor and has motivated me to achieve goals that I thought were impossible."

~ Brad Hallin

"After training for a year at other jiu-jitsu schools in the Valley, I heard Joe Rogan mention Eddie Bravo’s Rubber Guard style during a UFC fight.  I found 10th Planet Phoenix and after one class it immediately became my new home. In six weeks at 10th Planet, I feel infinitely more sure of my ground game in any position.  I received great instruction before; the difference is the system. 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu flows naturally, always attacking even from defensive positions.  If you want to learn a style of jiu-jitsu that translates perfectly to MMA, and one that wreaks havoc against traditional Brazilian jiu-jitsu, stop in and try a class. 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu under John Botello is the best-kept secret in grappling in the Valley."

~ Nate Vavra

"I've been in competing in sports most of my life; from track & field, to 5K's, to triathlons & competitive bodybuilding.  After taking a few years break from sports, I was looking for a new challenge & had a strong interest in MMA work.  I loved muay thai right away & after seeing the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu guys week after week on the mats - I decided to try a class.  It was fantastic!  I felt the ground skills complemented the other fighting techniques well.  The 10th Planet system just makes sense; it's like a game of mental & physical chess, where move by move, piece by piece you can maximize your strengths, stack the odds in your favor & get the submission.  John has a solid teaching style, keeps us on point, challenged, always learning & improving our skill set.  I find John, the 10th Planet system & the jiu jitsu crew to be a lot fun, a hard core workout, innovative, respectful & a good mix with various other martial art styles.  Come try a class!"

~Lorel Stevens

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